I am Shirin Rei.

Aesthetician & the Queen of Transformation.

My beauty philosophy is for each and everyone of us to boldly express our individuality and embrace our authenticity. It is a philosophy that I have held on to since the start of my career in beauty in 2008.

I want to continue to create an indelible and influential experience with each one of my services. My pursuit is in creating the ultimate goal of – An Absolute Authentic Beauty for one and all.

In launching Skin by Shirin Rei, I now feel that my inspiration has multiplied and not divided. Beauty is not one dimensional. My focus is to make you feel incredible and for you to celebrate your unique self. That is where I want for us to align.

As an Aesthetician, I am constantly researching new and old products that are available in the market. It can be all confusing and even detrimental to our skin in the pursuit of sieving out the thousands of skincare products to understand exactly what best works for us. I have curated and will continue to curate skin care products that I personally vouch for.

I want to be committed to being very responsible about the ingredients used both in my beauty cabin and the products I have curated to be sold. I want to teach and educate each and every one of you on all things skin, skincare and beauty.

It is very important that my beauty ethos connects all things beauty with mental health. I want to help each one of you feel wonderful about yourselves through beauty.

Skin by Shirin Rei is branded on bringing to you such an incredible savoir-faire in beauty.

I welcome each and every one of you to this new chapter of Skin by Shirin Rei such that we can create with you for you.

Visit me at my beauty cabin, write to me or shop my feed so that I may sculpt, tone, lift and glow you to your potential!